At TeleHealth Access for Seniors, we believe it is not sufficient to solely provide a device. As much as we can, we aim to tackle educational access and social isolation as well. To combat these issues, we offer 4 major resources:



We have an expert team of volunteers creating and updating guides on everything from how to access a WiFi hotspot to how to setup your Apple ID! You can check these guides out by clicking the menu bar or the button below:



Many of the clinics we work with serve patients who are not fluent in English. Our team has translated our tech guides to Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic thus far. They are also working on other translations. You can check these guides out by clicking the menu bar or the buttons to the left.


TeleHealth Access for Seniors partnered with EndingCOVID and Sovalis, two other non-profits, to create wellness guides to provide seniors. You can check these guides out by clicking the menu bar or the button below.



TeleHealth Access for Seniors has a team of over 20 volunteers on standby to help volunteers with tech-issues via phone or email. Anyone can call (475)-675-0564 or email for assistance and we will do our best to help you.

TeleHealth Access for Seniors is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN: 85-0764024). We are located at TeleHealth Access for Seniors, Inc, 2127 Alaqua Lakes Blvd, Longwood, FL, 32779.


TeleHealth Access for Seniors is a non-profit based in Florida and approved to solicit in Florida, New York, Ohio, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maine, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Washington, California, and Virginia. We are permitted to solicit in Texas, Arizona, and Vermont. All financial records and information needed will be available upon request.

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