We started this to help patients in need. We firmly believe that demographic factors, like age or income, should never determine one's access to a basic human right. We hope that you'll join us in helping out nation's most vulnerable populations achieve access to TeleHealth.

-Arjun Verma, Siddharth Jain, Hannah Verma, and Aakshi Agarwal

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siddharth jain
treasurer and CO-FOUNDER

Siddharth is a rising first-year at Yale University planning to study Economics and Data Science. At Yale, Siddharth plans to continue his work on his education non-profit Benefit Books and get involved with other student organizations like the Social Robotics Lab, Tsai CITY, and join his residential college’s club tennis team. After college, Siddharth plans to pursue quantitative analytics.

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Arjun verma,
president and CO-FOUNDER

Arjun is a senior at Lake Highland Preparatory School. He leads a local endeavor with the MORE Foundation, volunteers with PepTalk, and writes for Redefy. He is passionate about working with TeleHealth Access for Seniors because it serves a vulnerable population. Arjun is captain of his school’s Lincoln-Douglas debate team, conducts research at UCF, and plays squash. He enjoys discussing modern philosophical applications on his blog and Youtube channel and hopes to major in philosophy in college.

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Hannah verma, co-founder

Hannah is a graduated senior from Yale from Orlando, FL, and she majored in Political Science! At Yale, Hannah was a debate coach for the Yale Urban Debate League, volunteered for Yale Alzheimers' Buddies, and was Co-President of Yale United Against Inequities in Disease. Hannah is interested in healthcare disparities research and is pursuing a medical degree after college.

aakshi agarwal, co-founder (emeritus)

Aakshi is a graduated senior at Yale from Hamden, CT, and double majored in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology and Political Science! At Yale, Aakshi has worked with the New Haven Urban Debate League, Yale Alzheimer's Buddies, and Yale Genetics Club! Aakshi is interested in going into healthcare policy after college.

Arjun verma

siddharth jain

Hannah verma

aakshi agarwal