We started this organization to help patients in need. We firmly believe that demographic factors, like age or income, should never determine one's access to a basic human right. We hope that you'll join us in helping out nation's most vulnerable populations achieve access to tele-health. 

-Arjun Verma, Hannah Verma, and Aakshi Agarwal

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TeleHealth Access for Seniors is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN: 85-0764024). 


TeleHealth Access for Seniors is also a non-profit in Florida and approved to solicit in Florida, New York, South Carolina, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Ohio. The organization is also exempt from registration in Texas, Georgia, Washington, Arizona, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Vermont. Registration is pending in Oregon, MA, California, Illinois, Nevada, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, and other states.

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